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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor not replying:

This can happen in one of two cases:

  1. The doctor did not send a single response till now

    Most doctors take less than 10-15 minutes to send the first response. If it has been over 10 minutes, and the doctor has not responded, we remind the doctor. Please wait for sometime and if the doctor still doesn't respond, reach out to us on < insert toll-free number >

  2. The doctor responded at first, but now he/she is not replying.

    Generally at the start of the consultation, the doctor has dedicated time to respond to you, hence your responses will be quick. It is possible beyond that, the doctor may need to administer urgent care to another patient, since the online consultation time is quite long as compared to 15 minute consultations in the real world. We request your patience, doctors usually answer as soon as they get free.

    Also note that you are allowed to follow-up and reach out to the doctors for a period of 48 hours after the first time you spoke with him/her.

Unable to ask questions in the chat window:

Why am I not able to ask more questions in my paid consultation?

Your paid consultation may have ended. You can send 5 free followup messages within 2 days after paid consultation gets over. You may have utilized all the free messages or completed 2 days. Don't worry, if you have asked any questions, you may still get an answer from the doctor. If there are more questions you need to ask, then we request you to pay and continue the chat with the doctor.

Doctor ended the consultation, why?

Just like in a physical consultation, the doctor has the ability to complete a consultation online. We have seen doctors usually confirm with their patients and then complete the consultation. If this was not the case, and you still have unanswered questions, we suggest you use the free follow-up provided to address the same.

Wrong Speciality

This speciality or category is not correct for my problem.

A doctor is assigned to you, based on your selection of problem area. If you and the doctor both agree that a wrong speciality has been assigned, you may request the doctor to cancel the consultation. A refund will be initiated immediately, which should reflect in your account in 5-7 days. You may ask your doctor to recommend you the appropriate speciality for your health concern. You can start a fresh consultation in that speciality.

Prescription issues:

Doctor didn't share a prescription.

There are sometimes multiple ways to treat a health issue. The doctor may suggest lifestyle changes, diet modifications, rest or medicines. Prescriptions are given at the doctor's discretion, and are not necessary in every consultation. If you have any more questions around this, we suggest you ask the doctor for a prescription or explain the treatment in detail.

Doctor is prescribing too many medicines.

Based on their experience with patients, each doctor has a unique way for treating patients. If you feel you have been given medicines that are not suitable for you, we request you to gently enquire with your doctor about the same. Generally doctors are happy to explain and will help you understand.

Doc related issues

I don't agree with doctor's treatment.

There are multiple ways to treat each health condition. Based upon their experience, doctors can have unique protocols for treating a condition. If you are not certain about the treatment recommended to you, we request you to gently enquire with your doctor about the same. Generally doctors are happy to explain and will help you understand.

Attitude issues.

We take our platform policy seriously both for doctors and patients. If you felt that doctor's behavior was rude, insensitive or unprofessional, please report this immediately by chatting with us.


Whats the status of my refund?

When a paid consultation is cancelled, a refund is automatically generated. The money should be credited back in your source account (card/bank/wallet) in 5-7 working days. Please wait and check with the bank if refund is not deposited in your account after 7 days.

Chat issues

My chat is slow or some of the features are not working

First, we're mortified that you're having a less than perfect experience. We make a note of every issue any user faces, and we work to make the consultation seamless. Please try out these troubleshooting steps which will fix most of the issues.

  • ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection, preferably Wifi or 4G,
  • log out of AbhiCure,
  • close the browser and reopen,
  • log in back to AbhiCure

If your issues are still not solved, please reach out to us in chat (option available in bottom right corner) or customer support number (1800-890-2021).

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